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Monday, December 08, 2008

Down On My Dish......Twice!

Friday was a bad day. Nothing really bad happened, it was just one of those days I shouldn't have left the house. I slipped on the ice getting off the bus and fell on my hoop. This was after the bus was late and kept me waiting in the freezing cold for half an hour. This was after I'd slept in and rushed around to get the bus. I arrived into work bloody-handed and dishevelled. I forced myself not to feel sorry for myself. This worked until after lunch sometime when I was running through the stock room, got my foot tangled in a plastic bag and fell, again, to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

I can't believe how quickly the time's going in. On one hand this is great as winter is rolling by and the sooner it's over the better. On the other hand it will be Christmas before I know it and I haven't even started Christmas shopping. This time last year I was spending my last days in Lopburi, Thailand. Oh I miss the warm sunshine. Another thing I miss is being anonymous. Christmas time in your hometown is like a war zone. Everyone comes out of the woodwork to buy presents and you find yourself taking half an hour to walk 10 metres because you have to stop and talk to everyone you know.

I'm really gonna try and inject some love back into my wee blog soon. I have ideas but time is limited. The winter is bleak and it's hard to do anything but just survive it. You'd think I had to endure winter in the North Pole the way I was talking about it! Well, I do live not too far from where the Polar bears reside.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah, I just dropped in to wish you a Happy Christmas, and the best of all possible New Year's for 2009.

I sense a touch of the Christmas Blues about some of your posts lately. You mention the problem of everyone knowing you and how long it takes to walk down the street for having to talk to everyone. It can get very annoying I know, but I have lived in a town where nobody knew me, or cared whether I lived or died, believe me, it isn't a great alternative. Now I live in a place 'where everybody knows my name' and sometimes it feels as if half of them like me and the other half couldn't give a toss, but at least they notice me. People can be very cruel, but they can also be extremely kind, in that regard life in an Irish village is a microcosm of life anywhere else. Sometimes it can be suffocating, but sometimes it can save your life.

I know the job at the moment is not ideal, but believe me, something will turn up when you are least expecting it. Live every day in the hope of change for the better until one day you find that it is probably as good as you could have ever hoped it could be.

Your Anonymous Friend

Anonymous said...

poler bears are brilliant. jtf xxx

hootchinhannah said...

I guess when it's put that way it is better to live where people know and care about you.

Anonymous, you always manage to read between the lines. I do try not to let my true (negative) feelings come across in my blog but you have a way of picking up on them. I was never a winter person but I know that I shouldn't use a season as an excuse for feeling a bit flat. As always, thankyou for your kind words and thoughts.

Jtf, glad to see you're still checking in. Been thinking about ya lately, hope all's good xxx

Anonymous said...

Probably doesn't register when I'm checking in as I am anonymous. Do so regularly though.If I don't over the next few days it will be because Abbie has given birth. Dad xxxxxx