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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Wedding Lurgi

We had a few visitors, over the weekend, here at Nellybert's. One in the form of World Head, aka Salt Face aka Jamie from Wolstanton, the other in the form of the lovely Mel aka the lovely Mel.

Such was the occasion that even Bert went to the pub. Bert must be well over his wedding lurgi* now because he didn't just go out on Friday night but Saturday night too, to see the Red Hot Chilli Pipers live in action at Portglenone. On Friday night mum was woken from her slumber by Bert poking her with a toasted bagel. When I asked mum what Bert was doing in her bed Jamie replied:

They're married now Hannah, they're allowed to do that.

I guess they are. On Sunday Mel came round for her dinner and Swisser provided the entertainment. She fainted into the kitchen, clutching the door frame, struggling to stand on her two wee leg's, which were trembling underneath her. She must have caught Bert's wedding lurgi but after a big feed of curry and chocolate orange cake and fudge, she was as right as rain. Lurgi forgotten about until she was leaving and was worried that if she hugged Mel she'd be passing on her lurgi germs. How ye doing Mel? Feeling faint and feverish?

Rosie and Bonnie, being clever dogs, knew who Jamie was instantly. Paddy, not being the brightest of pups, took at least 2 hours to work it out. Oh, but when he did!

* Bert developed a lurgi after he got married. Under no circumstances was Bert feeling so peely wally because of drink. His lurgi lasted for at least 2 weeks!


David Todd said...

I heard there was two women fighting in Portglenone on Sat night and the police had to use CS gas to disperse the crowd. I don't think they are looking for anyone carrying toasted bagels though.

hootchinhannah said...

Yeah, I heard the riot vans were out. I think we were all safely back at the Dreen by that point. Poking each other with toasted bagels.

Anonymous said...

Haven't forgotten about the ff cd's just need to get some cd's to put them on.Dad xxxxx

hootchinhannah said...

Cheers dad. i mis your cd collection. I miss you too. I'll have to plan a wee visit over soon xx

Anonymous said...

That would be great. See if you could drag Zoe along as well. Dad.xxxxx