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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


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Feck and damnation! Only yesterday I was complaining about having nothing to write about. Today I wish I didn't have anything to write about.

Bonnie's sick. Sick as a dog. We knew it but I don't think we knew she was quite as sick as she is. Bert took her to the vet this morning. She needs a blood transfusion.

And bless her for she really has not been herself this past couple of days but she has tried.

Mum is devastated and praying to God that she'll be alright. I remember that day her and the labrador were dandering up the Dreen Road. Even then you could tell she was the friendliest dog in the world. It became apparent early on that she had been mistreated. She didn't know what it meant to be a dog.

Mum nurtured her, taught her how to play. Bert took her runs in the van so she eventually grew out of her travel sickness. Holly de cat and Z's Gracie would sink their teeth into her mane and she never once was angry.

Fuck I hope she's ok.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Saying a prayer for your beautiful dog. Your anonymous friend.

Musings of Mel said...

Me too - I'm praying for the big one as well!

Anonymous said...

Only met her once, but yeh get well soon bonnie. Dad xxxxx

hootchinhannah said...

Bonnie's home and she's ok. Hurrah!! No onions for her though.