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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Hank Macho's Lunar Fringe

Day two of a week off work. I have clean floors and a rested head. Tomorrow I'll spend some time with mum charity shopping for a new/old chest of drawers. Why haven't I blogged in a month? Because I've probably had a total of 5 hours to myself this year so far. Complaining? No. I don't measure the quality of my weeks by how many blog posts I can churn out. I measure it in terms of contentment.

I am reasonably content considering I have a whole lot of shit to wade through. But if it wasn't that shit it would be some other shit and at least it's metaphorical shit as opposed to literal shit that some people actually do wade through because they are hoarders and they are incapable of letting go of anything.

I have yet another flatmate but he is more of a new/old flatmate. Gus is back! Not as a romantic partner but as a good friend who needs a space to be in that helps him to achieve what he wants to achieve. It's not everyone that is up for living with their ex-partners but Gus and I are not everyone.

The GCDCs are in a process of changing name. Nothing has been finalised yet as Jobe thinks we need to take the name more seriously. Gus and I compiled a list of potential band names with the aim of making them so ridiculous that Jobe would surely think the GCDCs was awesome. The list looked a little like this:

The Bleeding Goats (The Bloats)
The Blowhole Surfers
The Psycho-Sausagelogical Casserole
Magic Bowie Bag
Salad Fingers and The Rusty Spoons
Bobo Bob and the Buckfast Buckaneers
Asbo Gilbo
The Thimbleriggers
The Cosmonaughts
The Zigatrons

As it happened, he quite liked The Zigatrons but then Gus got to work on making an anagram of all of our names and came up with Hank Macho's Lunar Fringe which we all thought sounded rather spiffing. And much less politically ripe than The Fenian Firewater Revival.


Nelly said...

My favourite is Bobo Bob and the Buckfast Buccaneers.

hootchinhannah said...

Really, if Jobe wanted a band with a serious name he'd have been better joining a band that didn't have Gus and I in it!

Rob Z Tobor said...

Sorry Miss Hannah I missed your post. . . . . I am sure I did that once before glad all seems OK . . . Band names are tough once you have one they are hard to get rid of. ideally short-ish and sweet, but folk need to remember it and it needs to be a name not used by others leading to great confusion. I rather like . . . Hank Macho's Lunar Fringe . . . I quite like . . . Hank and the Surfing Goats . . . or . . . The Zombie Seagulls . . . . I mean everyone likes Zombies and Seagulls and it is non-musical style specific and easily remembered.

hootchinhannah said...

I still think that the GCDC's has a certain charm to it. And it's a name folk are already familiar with. Jobe is worried that people will think we're an ACDC cover band and be disappointed when they get us. I think we are a far superior band to ACDC but I am willing to do one of their covers as long as we have Mr.Banjo playing for us.