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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I realise what my blog is missing is a little wisdom and prettiness. But what I lack in wisdom and prettiness I make up for with ingenious ideas. There was the hot air balloon buisness, Scabby Birds Escort Agency, and the time I helped Salt Face to come up with a plan to meet Michael Jackson. The latest plan is one I've pondered on before; the Treehouse Horror Movie. The set and props are perfect. Pet cemetery, treehouse, scary attic, dark woods, bees. The plot; several young adults partying when the folks are away. There are a few psychopaths on the loose; crazy chainsaw-wielding priest, his motive - ex boyfriend of main character. There's a man who dresses up in a bee suit, possibly he is actually made entirely of bees. I don't know how I want that one to pan out yet. His motive - revenge for the poor bees.

The main character's parents have a pet cemetery in the lawn. They told her when she was a little girl that her pets had gone to boboland. They lost a lot of pets because the girl's granny was a bit twisted. In one scene the dumb blonde runs upstairs to the attic where granny is rocking on a chair, reaching her bony hand out and telling her "it's time for boboland" (in a scottish accent). I'm lucky that I work with a lot of people so I pretty much have an instant cast and crew. I have the token dumb blonde, token jock, token gay guy, token stoner and Gus and Ziggy will obviously be getting lead roles, playing themselves. I'm thinking a cross between Texas Chainsaw Massacre (gonna have to get a really good editor to make it look like that the treehouse has been hacked down), Blair Witch project (finding roasry beads in the branches and smelling incense), Pet Semetary (rabid zombie dogs chasing people down the back lane into the scary woods) and Candyman. No wait, it will have etches of every single horror movie that was ever written and it will be called Boboland.


Nelly said...

Well, I for one cannot wait.

Rob Z Tobor said...

Well His Hannah I can see that this might work. It is just the sort of film that could be made on a super low budget using a home movie camera. If it is done in the dark with lots of close ups and tomato ketchup them you could be onto a winner.

Have you run the idea past that nice Mr Steven Spielberg yet? He keeps ignoring all my ideas and I have had loads, I think he is a bit jealous because I have more ideas than he does.

I will buy the DVD when it comes out. .. . . .

hootchinhannah said...

That's right Mr will be low budget all the way, although I do know a talented camera man (though he's a perfectionist so production could take twice as long)I also know another cameraman though he is scatty and often forgets to put memory cards in the camera.

I'm bypassing Spielberg....he hasn't a clue about films. And yes, buy the DVD. In fact, it is "straight to DVD" so that's the only it can be watched. Also thinking of contacting some of them Games of Thrones dudes see if they want in on it.

Rob Z Tobor said...

chase those dreams Miss Hannah