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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Actual Flying Rats

We gave the rats a bath last night. They're not huge fans of the water but they normally put up with it pretty well but last night I gave Meka to Jakers and he put her in the bath before I had a chance to get hold of Polly. So when I went into the bathroom with Polly, Meka was already freaked out and crawling round Jaker's neck. When she saw me she took a running leap right at my face. Rats don't normally do this but she was scared and she saw me and I'm her safe place so she dived for me. It was kind of comical. I just managed to catch a glimpse of her jumping with her four little legs splayed out. Then I had to close my eyes and, as she grabbed hold of my face, she dug her little claws in to make sure she didn't fall off. I had to peel her from my face. It stung like a bitch though. She then, reluctantly, had a bath but not without poohing in the water several times. She huffed under the sofa for ages afterwards whereas Polly indulged in all the extra attention she was getting with the towel drying.


Rob Z Tobor said...

I would just let them stay a bit smelly myself rather that face a fly rat. Cute little critters that they are a flying rat sounds kind of scary.

hootchinhannah said...

Y'see that's where my love is everlasting. No one ever wants a flying rat coming towards their face but if I know my wee baby sees my head as her safe place then I can cope.

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