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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Give Me Back My Old Blog

Press 'enter' for line breaks....


Reading blog posts is no fun if it looks like the words have just been spat out on the page.

I need spaces


my words

please :)


Rob Z Tobor said...

Not sure if it is any help but because of the nature of my blog I write it in Microsoft word first and then just paste it into the blog. adding any picture or youtube clips then.

Nelly said...

I do that too unless it's a very short post. I don't use word tho' - I use the Ubuntu equivalent.

Isn't Hannah's blog wonderful without Captcha word verification?

Jakes said...

Go on Nelly. Fight the power!

Jakes said...

Go on Nelly. Fight the power!

hootchinhannah said...

I think I've figured out the paragraph spaces. Now to get back on track with blogging :)