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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Perhaps I Should Have Mentioned....

I really am a bit of an eejit. I've applied for a new job in the caring profession, working with kids, and I clean forgot to mention on the form that I do voluntary work, with kids. I'm really quite annoyed with myself as, after all, one of the main reasons for volunteering was to help me get a job more suited to what I've studied. Anyway, that aside, I wasn't holding out for the job. I know the score by now. Quite often they already have someone lined up for the job but they have to go through all the necessary procedures. What will be will be and at least I like the job I'm in already.

Today was a good day in work. No bomb scares (yesterday we were evacuated for nearly 2 hours because of a hoax call) which is always a plus, though we did have a biker guy ask if he could leave his jacket and helmet in the shop for 10 minutes, which, really we probably shouldn't have. But we'd also just taken his photo for a passport so we figured he wouldn't be leaving any bombs as we had photographic evidence of what he looked like.

Also, two of my favouritist customers were in and one brought me maltesers (cos she knows they're my favourite), and the other brought in her big body builder son who, apparently, I was flirting with. I don't even like muscly men.


Hails said...

If he'd been leaving a bomb, I'm not sure how much photographic evidence would have remained! ;)

Anonymous said...

Back from lovely Turkey. Hope the job interview turns out better then you think. What did you have on the oatcakes? Dad. x

hootchinhannah said...

You're probably right Hails. But if I were to surive such a blast I would be able to pick him out in a line up.

Hope you had a lovely time in Turkey dad. We had cheese in our oatcakes. Yummmmm! XXXX