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Friday, December 03, 2010

Snow Girl

Yesterday I was hanging out with this little snowgirl. Mum and I took her out to Granny's where it was a winter wonderland. This is the best snow I've seen in years. I'm not generally a big fan of it but it's hard not to smile when you see your gorgeous niece trying to walk in her snow suit and welly boots. An absolute delight!

I've had a few days off work and it was spent sorting the flat out, music-making and hanging out with my two favourite Martha's. I also spent a night out in Belfast where I ran into a girl I haven't seen for 10 years. This would have been a pleasure if it wasn't for the fact that the only thing I can remember about her is that she once said to me "You know, you would be pretty if you wore makeup". It annoyed me at the time but I'm not the sort of person to hold grudges. This time she mentioned again that I never wore make-up. Though at least this time she said I didn't need to.

I can't believe it's nearly Christmas. This time last year I had no time to even think about, juggling my 2 jobs and getting things sorted for S.America. In fact, all that nearly feels like a dream. This year I'm happy to relax and enjoy the thought of spending a lovely Christmas with all my family. And on that note I shall go, as I have things to do and dinner to make.

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