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Friday, November 07, 2008

The Last Post Of Freedom

This is my last weekend of being a bum before I start work. Really I should've been practising the sax, taking photographs and expanding my mind through the power of literature but, instead, I chose to play silly games and colour by numbers. On the upside, I can now boast that I am able to run my very own virtual chocolate shop. Yo Ho!!! Takes me back to my Fish Tycoon days.

Also, I found out that my ex boss is telling people he sacked me. This is lurking at the back of my mind. Part of me thinks I should let it lie as I know the truth and I don't think my old boss could actually convince anyone that he did sack me (he is renowned for his lies and his ego) but another part of me would like to call him up on this and ask him what the bloody fucking hell does he think he's playing at? Maybe I should just sit back and let karma make amends.


Tuesday Kid said...

Kick his ass, send him sprawling across the floor with a look of angry surprise on his face.

Nelly said...

Ignore the prat. As you say nobody believes what comes out of his lying mouth anyway. Karma will bite his ass - or maybe your Momma will!

Anonymous said...

What's your new job? anonymous guys from london n cant navigate around ballymena???. Dad xxxxx

hootchinhannah said...

Tuesday Kid, unfortunately, I'm a pacifist. But imagining that scenario does give me great pleasure.

My new job's in a clothes shop dad. Just for Christmas but it'll tide me over. I think it was Antrim anonymous was having trouble getting to.