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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't Hassle The Han

Mum and I took a wee scoot into town today to do a little pre-party shopping and so I could hand a few applications in. On the drive in we were talking about the actual converstaion I had with my boss before I walked out. The whole thing was over in a matter of minutes really. But I was saying to mum that he probably wasn't expecting me to react the way that I did. For one, why would he really want to get rid of a cheap employee at a time when he's immensely busy and already behind? So mum asked what I thought he wanted to achieve by starting on me.

I told her I thought he wanted to 'put me in my box'. He was so used to the meek, mild wee girl who wouldn't say boo to a mouse. He saw me, for the first time, showing annoyance and he didn't like it so he thought he'd assert some authority. He tried to put me in my box but, as mum pointed out, he didn't count on the box not having a bottom. He put me in and I just fell on straight through. We laughed at this and mum said: Don't hassle the Han!

Our pre-party shopping expedition went pretty well. Bert's now the proud owner of his first ever pair of Converse. Mum has her Halloween/Mexican day of the Dead costume sorted out. She's going as Scary Hairy Mary! Tomorrow night Z and I will have a massive spooky bun-making session and on Friday I have an interview. It's just retail but a job's a job and it buys me time. Yeeeooowww!


Anonymous said...

go Hnnah go. he soundz like a right cok your old boss. its one of your best points i think, u will not be held down. love 2 u electric boogaloo

hootchinhannah said...

Cheers Salt Face, you'da hated him for sure. Hope all's good in the land o'oatcakes. Big love to you and your's xx

ganching said...

Hope the interview went well and enjoy the party.

hootchinhannah said...

The interview went well thanks Ganching. I ave the job and start next Monday!! Yay!1