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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anybody Know A Dog Hypnotiser?

Bert got a phone call from Ernie today. Bert said "Hey, what's up Ernie?"

Ernie said "There's two of your dirty scunging devil dogs standing here on the Dreen road"

I know. They look like butter wouldn't melt but the truth is they're two wee feckers who'd run away in a flash. There are a number of reasons why we disapprove of such activity:

1. The farmer might shoot them.

2. They might kill farmers' sheep.

3. They might get run over on the road.

4. Paddy is stupid and might get his head stuck in a bucket all night.

5. Rosie is an old bitcher now and she's wearing herself out.

But they don't understand all this and it's in their blood to scunge.

Now that the carers come into to see Pearlie they use this as an excuse to slip out the door. Any sort of commotion or chaos that goes on you'll be guaranteed they have taken advantage of the situation. The only thing we haven't tried is getting someone in to hypnotise them. But it may be our only hope...


David Todd said...

There was a guy on a programme on BBC NI that trained dogs. He wore a long brown coat and wore something like a Crocodile Dundee type hat. If I see him I'll get his number :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you ought to sedate the pair of them - give them some of your nice butter & Bons your unclie.
Today I decided to make my own blog - it is here.....

I'm quite looking forward to doing some writing thats not related to marketing/legal things/diplomas.
Hope you're well my sweet - must look into booking a trp home.

hootchinhannah said...

Cheers D@ve, I wonder if he'll use his fingers to psyche them out?

Mels - I know I know, it's fantastic!! I look forward to reading your musings xx

Anonymous said...

Don't forget me birthday. Coming in a few weeks time. XXXX