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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Basketbsll Shame

Ok. This happened about 3 weeks ago but I've been too embarassed to share it with the world outside of Lop Buri (there isn't a soul in Lop Buri that doesn't know about it due to the fact the colour of my skin making me stick out like a sore thumb and the fact that I am always out and about).

Many many weeks, in fact possibly months, ago Keara and I went to play basketball. I wasn't playing particularly well so I gave up and decided to climb the frame of the basketball hoop. Giving my desire for climbing trees this seemed a perfectly natural thing for me to do. Realising that it was easy enough and that I had a good view of the park and Tobie's bar it became a bit of a regualr occurrence. I actively encouraged many people to join me. I prided myself in getting Brad up there one night (I love Brad but. other than drinking, he never participates in my activities). I had Manjula, Lou Bear, Ice, Brad and Natalie up with me. Never all at the same time though.

My ultimate mission was to get Romy up. She is much like Brad in that she doesn't do pointless things unless they benefit her in some way. The night we found out about our visas she came out of the toilet and said that she wanted to go up. I was shocked because she had alwasy been scared to go up claiming that it would fall down. I took her up on her offer and showed how easy it was to get up. Then Chris and Melodie, a couple who passed through Lop Buri on their travels but came back to visit us, came into the park and I shouted for them to join us. Everyone worried about it falling down and I told them all not to worry. I told them I'd had this many people up before, which I later had to admit was a lie. It was as Melodie was asking Chris to hold her drink and climbing up the next bar that I felt it start to go backwards. I looked over at Romy who's face was one of pure terror. Everyone was falling forwards except for me. It seemed to happen in slow motion and I just kept telling myself that it would be ok.

We hit the ground and all jumped up straight away. I immediately started trying to lift it back up and when I turned round to shout on the others to help me I saw them all skulking off and a sea of Thai people rushing towards me. Romy was yelling Brad's name like a banshee. Once it was established that everyone was ok (damn lucky really considering I fell on the base of my spine. It was probably my relaxed thinking that saved me from getting badly injured) the locals set about propping it upright. I felt like the biggest tit in the world. The next night Tobie asked me if I wanted to go up the basketball frame and I replied that I never wanted to hear the word basketball ever again.

We went to check out the new bar for the winter festival yesterday. Brad saw a bouncy castle and said

I suppose we're all gonna have to stop you from going on that thing when you're drunk?

I said definitley but then asked him if I could go on it just the once.


Nelly said...

Brad sounds like he's a surrogate father to you. Brad the Dad..

hootchinhannah said...

He actually is. He always looks after me and he's always telling me I shouldn't do things. He used to say 'Oh Hannah' when he thought I'd done something stupid.

hootchinhannah said...

I love your new profile pic. You look very demure. I hope there's still some of you left to cuddle when I get home!

Anonymous said...

A bouncy castle - what fun! At the moment there are lots of kiddy rides in Princes Street gardens - they look so tempting but are obviously overun by children so I'm steering clear.
Hope your last week is fun - can't wait to catch up.

Anonymous said...

that was Mel. Doh!

hootchinhannah said...

I knew it was you darling. Very few people get excited about bouncy castles but you are one of them. That's why I love ya xxx